Casino Promotion Ideas You Can Use 

by April Manning

Every casino pro out there loves to hear about good casino promotion. But what’s the best way to promote casino promotions? What do you need to know to make it work? Here are 15 suggestions, tips, and tricks to get you over the hump, without blowing the budget.  

Start with planning. Let us begin with the big elephant in the room. Its always more fun to consider what type of game show bag you will be using in that Deal-o-matic or No Deal-o-matic promotion, or where the banners will fall from the airplane. But if your casino promotions plan is going to be effective, you have to put aside the fun and first ask yourself, what type of casino promotions will be effective? Will the casino promotions provide the most welcome publicity to your establishment? 

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An easy one for many casinos like malaysia trusted online casino to undertake is the minimum deposit bonus offer. Everyone likes to save money, so it is an excellent way to attract customers to your establishment. The free casino promotions are generally a great way to entice new customers to your establishment. However, the main thing is to make sure the bonus is not only limited to one hundred dollars, but that is the maximum that can be obtained. Any more, and you are just asking for trouble! 

Another casino promotion to take advantage of is the free tournament entry offer. In a free tournament, players can be entered into a prize pool, which is divided up between the first two qualifying participants. This is another way to draw people in, but you must be careful that the prize pool has limited entry, otherwise people will quit before the tournament is over and leave your establishment with nothing. You should also ensure that the tournament does not cost anything; if it is too good to be true, it probably is. 

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One last casino promotion that can be used is the table limit promotion. A table limit promotion allows players who win a certain amount of chips to stay and play at the same table, provided they pay their admission fee. This is a promotion that is great if you only need players for a short time frame. However, this promotion is not ideal if you want people to come in to play for a long period of time. If that is the case, consider taking out a poker tournament instead, or perhaps even holding a “lottery” for prize money!

The above casino promotion ideas are just a few of the ones available for you to use. Each one is designed to attract new customers to your establishment. It is important to bear in mind, though, that there are many other players at the casino who would be glad to take advantage of any promotion you offer. In fact, many times the competition for promotions is so great that the casino management will typically lower the odds to entice people. This means you may have to put in significantly more work to retain your players, but it will be worth it in the end!


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