Poker Overpair Advantage

by April Manning

Cognac, Poker, Cigar, Playing CardsLet’s find out the possible advantages or benefits of an overpair combination. So, this combination can be quite successful for its owner, especially in those cases when it consists of Broadway cards, that is, of tens, jacks, queens, kings or aces (the highest cards of the deck), well, among them, the most successful are considered ” cards with pictures “- jack, queen, king, ace.

There is a reason for this – if a player already has two, for example, kings in his hands, and there are no cards of higher rank on the table (we have an overpair), then the probability that something higher will open at the next stages is not very high.

Another plus of overpairs – recall that these are pocket cards, which means that your opponents cannot see them, and therefore do not understand the strength of your hand. This means that, provided that your opponents’ hands are weaker, you can play your game more aggressively or more confidently.

Overpair strength

Now let’s discuss the strength of an overpair combination – in poker, it has two categories of high degree and medium degree. We want to note right away that the definition of an overpair is used for pocket pairs of fives or sixes, since the opponents will have too many options to beat these cards with a better combination.

High degree of overpair strength – belongs to the highest pairs of Broadway. These cards are considered the most successful option in terms of playing. As we have already read above, it is optimal to collect an overpair from “picture cards”, where the pocket pair of aces is the strongest. So with the further opening of cards on the board, opponents have less chances of strengthening their hands. Only strong enough combinations can defeat the same overpair of aces, and they do not come together very often.

Medium overpairs – pocket pairs of tens or jacks, have a lower degree of strength, due to the fact that there are small, so to speak, cards on the board and opponents, waiting for more favorable community cards, can call your bet or even raise , and later – on the next street – get Top Pair, two pair, or even a straight.

We draw simple conclusions – to assess the strength of your overpair, as in principle to any other combination in poker, you need not just looking at your cards and the board. It is worth considering the stage of trading and the size of the stacks and the rank of pocket cards and, of course, try to read the opponent and guess his position.

Poker, Dice Poker, GamblingSumming up, we will repeat once again – an overpair combination is only a pocket combination – that is, made up of those cards that the player received in the starting hand . An overpair is a pair of cards of identical rank that exceed the face value of the community cards on the board. This combination has categories of strength – everything is logical here – an overpair of queens, kings or aces is clearly higher and stronger than an overpair of sevens, fives, and so on. Of course, no single lucky hand can guarantee you a win. So prepare carefully, read the tutorials, and practice your skills carefully. Then you will have the opportunity to receive not only pleasure from poker, but also profit.

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